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Use this page to test if a given font provides the characters necessary to render a given text.

1. Install the font you’d like to test

If you don’t know how to install fonts on your computer, this tool probably isn’t for you. :-(

2. Install a fallback font (optional)

By default, characters in your sample text not covered by the tested font will appear blank, thanks to the special-purpose Adobe Blank font, which is served by this web page.

If you would like to mark missing characters more prominently, install either the Unicode BMP Fallback Font or the Last Resort Font on your computer. (Due to the special properties of these fallback fonts, they cannot be served by this web page in a reliable manner.)

3. Enter the name of font you’d like to test

Replace “Comic Sans MS” below with the name of the font whose coverage you’d like to test.

4. (optional) Specify a language code

If you know or suspect that the tested font substitutes glyphs based on the document language (e.g., Ș for Ş in Romanian texts), you may specify a language tag, e.g., en for English, ro for Romanian, tr for Turkish. Leave the field empty for “unspecified language”, i.e., the default behavior.

5. Paste your sample text below and click on the button

include spaces and other non-printing characters

6. Repeat step 5 as needed

Very large texts that exceed the capacity of the text area or the system’s clipboard can be pasted in parts. Unique characters will be preserved across multiple executions.

7. Questions, suggestions, criticism, praise?

Let’s hear it! :-)